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Facts About the New Explora Decoder

Have you thought about getting the new Explora decoder? Well, you should. However, not before you learn a thing or two about the device. Keep reading to find out what makes it different from its predecessor.

An upgraded hardware

Hardware and performance are the key highlights of this new decoder. The device works at a very fast rate. That is after the CPU model was upgraded from 1.1 GHZ to 3 GHZ, while RAM got a 4-fold increase to 1 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Larger storage

Storage space is the last thing you will ever have to worry about with this new device. There is enough room to store up to 220 hours of recorded content. From 500 GB, storage space was increased to 2 TB. DStv then went ahead to enhance the drive speed from 5400 to 5900 rpm.

Three USB ports

To enhance the decoder’s usage, three USB ports have been added to the device. Consumers can use them for Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. They will also make upgrading of the systems easy and convenient in future.

User-friendly remote

When it comes to the remote control, the manufacturers opted to make it as user-friendly as possible. There is a new DStv central button on the remote which acts as the home key. No more alternate functions mode and other complicated features.

Better looking interface

The new decoder comes with a different interface. It is not just about the large icons which resemble the interfaces found on Apple Tv and Netflix; the DStv Explora is fast, reliable, and very efficient.

Talking of appearances, wait till you see its reduced size and design. It has a very beautiful and sleek look.

More catch up for users

Users of the new Explora decoder have a lot to benefit from the increased storage size. They can now keep up with all the new and ongoing Tv series. Each show has up to 4 previous episodes available for users to watch at their convenience.

More Box Office

Purchasing the Explora decoder gives you access to more content. You will hardly miss the latest movies. The decoder comes fully loaded with 30 Video-On-Demand rental services that will be available at any given time for users in South Africa.

Enhanced content discovery and search

Searching for something to watch is a lot easier with this decoder. You get search results across 8-day TV guide, DStv catch up, playlist and box office. Everything is available at the press of a button.

Runs on Linux

The new decoder runs on Linux Kernel. Thanks to a custom developed code base from Multichoice and a little boost from Naspers subsidiaries, the decoder works perfectly.


Lastly, you should know about the cost of purchasing this incredible device. In South Africa, you must part with approximately R2,499, which is R1,000 more than the previous model. In Nigeria, you will be charged an excess of N71,300 (R4,545). It is upon you to weigh the gains of using the device and figure out if it is worth the cost.

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